IfW advises the shareholder of a service provider for the hospital and care sector on the sale by way of MBI

IfW advises the owner of a service provider for car racing on the sale to an MBI team.The company's scope of services includes conception, design, production and installation services for film technology in professional motorsport as well as individual vehicle finishing in racing.

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CORONA effects family business successions

Lower corporate earnings can have significant consequences for companies and their shareholders. Financial ratios become less favourable, the rating deteriorates - many companies lose their investment grade status. At the same time, there is a greater need for credit. More difficult corporate financing and higher financing costs are the result - sometimes over-indebtedness and the need to file for insolvency arise.


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Corona Logistics by Cryotherm

The local newspaper Meinerzhagener Zeitung reports on the company, whose shareholder had been advised on a management buy-out by IfW.


IfW advises the shareholders of a leading provider of industry software for publishers and media houses

In December 2020, the sale of a leading provider of industry software for publishers and media houses to a strategic buyer was completed. IfW advised the sellers on this transaction.

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Cryotherm: Safe logistics for Covid-19 vaccines

Our long-standing client Cryotherm, based in Kirchen in the Siegerland region of Germany, manufactures the containers in which Covid-19 vaccines can be transported at temperatures as low as -80°C. In the super-insulated Cryotherm container "Biosafe", vaccines can be stored and transported at the lowest temperatures for weeks, filled with dry ice or nitrogen. The cold chain is never interrupted and is constantly controlled by remote diagnosis and monitoring. This short film shows how this works.

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How companies emerge stronger from crises

"Using crises as opportunities". It is surprising that there are many entrepreneurs who see many opportunities in the current crisis situation. To react flexibly to current developments and to adapt the business model quickly has always been an important skill for entrepreneurs, which has gained enormously in importance during the Corona crisis.

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Company succession through owner buy-out

The regulation of asset and company succession is one of the most important challenges for entrepreneurs.

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Execution of wills: risk provision for entrepreneurial families

Execution of a will offers the possibility of implementing the entrepreneur's will even after his death. Some entrepreneurs have the wish to keep ownership of companies until death. In the absence of a family successor, the aim is to ensure that the business is transferred to another person immediately after death - often with the aim of identifying a buyer who will maintain the continuity of the business.

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IfW advises long-standing client on the sale of companies

IfW advised the shareholders and management of a long-standing client from the media industry on the sale of all subsidiaries. The company employs around 1,500 people and occupies a leading market position with its broad range of specialist information and formats. The buyer is a private equity company.

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IfW advises the shareholder of a service provider for the hospital and care sector on the sale by way of MBI

IfW advises the owner of a service provider for the hospital and care industry on the sale to two external managers. The service company, founded in 2003, installs and maintains patient call systems and advises on the migration to new systems.

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IfW advises long-standing client on a company acquisition

IfW advises a wholesaler for medical products, which has been one of our clients for many years, on the acquisition of the "medical" division of a German company. The seller put the business unit "medicine" up for sale as it was no longer part of the core business. The buyer was able to acquire the assets of the business unit in exclusive negotiations. The acquired product range excellently completes the buyer's previous product range.

IfW advised the buyer during the due diligence and exclusive negotiations.


Protective shield for supplier credits

The loss of receivables is one of the typical causes of crisis and insolvency. This can be deduced from many studies on the causes of corporate crises. "Force majeure" - such as the current Corona crisis - is threatening the existence of many companies. In conjunction with internal causes, such as underestimation of liquidity requirements, they can even lead to insolvency.

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IfW seeks equity investments in medium-sized companies for various investors despite corona crisis

Of our currently more than 50 active clients, an increasing number of prospective buyers have come forward who would like to continue acquiring companies despite the crisis triggered by Corona. In addition to the typical succession problems, the competitive situation, industry concentration, product innovations or necessary high investments can also trigger sales considerations.

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IfW advises the owners of a Swabian mechanical engineering company on the disposal of shares

IfW advises the owners of a Swabian mechanical engineering company on the sale to a Swedish industrial holding. The mechanical engineering company, founded in 1969, manufactures transport systems for various industries, such as automotive, consumer goods and medical technology. With 45 employees, the company generates sales of around EUR 10 million.

IfW advised the owners exclusively and in all phases of the process as part of a structured sales process.

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