Quo Vadis Mittelstand

On 4 May 2023, the networking event "Quo vadis Mittelstand" took place on the premises of ISM Dortmund. In addition to ISM, the sponsors of the event were Sparkasse Dortmund, the business law firm Husemann & Partner and Institut für Wirtschaftsberatung Niggemann & Partner GmbH. As part of this event, our Managing Director Mark Niggemann gave a talk on "Future risks - selling companies?" to around 80 participants. It was discussed whether, in view of the partly disruptive developments, a sale of the family business is a suitable solution to master the future economic challenges and what possibilities exist for the entrepreneurial family after a sale (securing retirement provisions, diversification of assets, fair succession, etc.).


Lutz Selle as new partner at IfW

With Lutz Selle, IfW was able to gain a new, experienced partner. Mr Selle has gained extensive experience in company acquisitions and sales as the majority shareholder of an investment holding company for medium-sized companies and as a board member of an investment company. Through his work as managing director of a mechanical engineering company, he is familiar with the typical issues of operational management in medium-sized companies. At IfW, Mr. Selle will contribute his extensive transaction experience in M&A consulting. In addition, he advises on acquisition financing and the implementation of post-merger integrations.


Family-internal business succession

Company succession involves challenges and is best planned well in advance. Because it is not only about the company, but also about people's expectations, their wishes and fears. Intra-family succession in particular is often strongly characterised by emotions. But a successor who makes this life decision should make it well prepared and not be guided by emotions alone. In the DUB article we deal with the examination of the future viability of a company from the point of view of the successor.



A guide for company sellers

The M&A-guide has emerged from our everyday practice that explains the process of a company sale step by step - from the preparation and selection of a suitable M&A-advisor to the search for the ideal buyer and the final closing of the transaction. We have designed the guide in a practical way with the aim of preparing entrepreneurs for a sales process and pitfalls.

The book can be purchased in the online shop of the nwb publishing house. Here you can also take a “look inside the book”.


Selling companies in times of crisis

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung published a report by Britt Niggemann and Prof. Diethard B. Simmert in its supplement "Finanzierung im Mittelstand" (Financing in SMEs) that focuses on the sale of companies in times of crisis.


Corona Logistics by Cryotherm

The local newspaper Meinerzhagener Zeitung reports on the company, whose shareholder had been advised on a management buy-out by IfW.


Cryotherm: Safe logistics for Covid-19 vaccines

Our long-standing client Cryotherm, based in Kirchen in the Siegerland region of Germany, manufactures the containers in which Covid-19 vaccines can be transported at temperatures as low as -80°C. In the super-insulated Cryotherm container "Biosafe", vaccines can be stored and transported at the lowest temperatures for weeks, filled with dry ice or nitrogen. The cold chain is never interrupted and is constantly controlled by remote diagnosis and monitoring. This short film shows how this works.

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Company succession through owner buy-out

The regulation of asset and company succession is one of the most important challenges for entrepreneurs.

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