Cryotherm: logistics for Covid-19 vaccines

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Cryotherm: Safe logistics for Covid-19 vaccines

Our long-standing client Cryotherm, based in Kirchen in the Siegerland region of Germany, manufactures the containers in which Covid-19 vaccines can be transported at temperatures as low as -80°C. In the super-insulated Cryotherm container "Biosafe", vaccines can be stored and transported at the lowest temperatures for weeks, filled with dry ice or nitrogen. The cold chain is never interrupted and is constantly controlled by remote diagnosis and monitoring. This short film shows how this works.

Cryotherm containers are vastly superior to classic Styrofoam boxes. This is because transport containers made of Styrofoam, which are lined with dry ice, can only maintain the temperature of -78 °C for a few days. This means they are not sufficient to reach particularly rural areas or to withstand any time challenges in transport. In addition, only 5,000 vaccine doses can be transported compared to 100,000 vaccine doses in the Biosafe.

In addition to using nitrogen, the Cryotherm BIOSAFE 420 DryLog CO2 Edition is also suitable for dry ice and offers a holding time of up to three weeks using super insulation.

The company has been familiar with extremely low temperatures for over 50 years. If nitrogen is used in the containers, it is as low as minus 190 degrees!

Cryotherm is a market leader in the field of cryogenics (low-temperature technology). It manufactures vessels, lines and special solutions for all tasks in the field of cryogenics. The company has the know-how, contacts and products to transport vaccines to the farthest corners of the world.

Currently, the company is expanding its capacity to meet the increased demand for the transport containers.

IfW advised managing partner Peter Siara in 2014 on the buy-out of the company, which until then belonged to the Air Liquide Group. Since then, we have been advising the company on financial matters. In addition, Mark Niggemann is a member of the company's 3-member advisory board.

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