Peter Höger

Höger Peter

Born 1944

After graduation from high school and military service he studied Business Administration at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich followed by the diploma in business administration.

Afterwards Peter Höger was an assistant to the management of a medium-sized engineering company. In 1976, he joined Bauknecht group in the central controlling department. In May 1982 he joined the management board of G. Bauknecht GmbH and in 1985 the management board of the AG. In January 1989 Peter Höger became CFO of the KOMET Group GmbH, a global manufacturer of precision tools. Until his retirement in 2007, the sales increased from EUR 75 million to EUR 180 million.

In 2007 – Peter Höger was appointed to the Board of the Robert Breuning Foundation, the sole shareholder of the KOMET Group GmbH. The Foundation pursues non-profit purposes.

He joined IfW in 2008.


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