Financial Management

Financial Management means to us the whole range to planning, controlling and monitoring of finances and investments as well as capital raising.


Medium-sized companies in Germany primarily make use of bank loans for financing. Equity financing is – in comparison to the AngloSaxon countries – not very pronounced. These companies are very much dependent on their creditors and possibly endangered in the long term as far as their existence is concerned. We have comprehensive practical experience and contacts in the areas of equity as well as equity equivalents for companies and know the sources for optimal debtcapital raising.

Our services comprise the following areas:

  • Analysis of the current financial situation
  • Development of a business plan, comprising income statement and balance sheet planning
  • Calculation of key ratios, that are also relevant for a credit rating
  • Balance sheet management
  • Calculation of the ability to service loans
  • Preview of the existing finance structure and suggesting of improvement proposals
  • Procurement of credit lines for the current business operations and for investments, acquisitions and development projects
  • Fostering contact to the house banks and possibly credit insurers, if applicable making contact to new finance partners
  • Procurement of equity capital and equity equivalents