Rating Consulting

Banks determine the credit worthiness of their clients via corporate clients ratings. The impact involved motivates many companies to examine whether the company's financing is appropriate or whether a more attractive company financing can be achieved.

We consult in view of the following objectives:

  • Optimization of financing (e. g. by off-balance financing, reduction of capital commitment and development of new capital sources, such as wealthy families, former entrepreneurs or companies, that are open for minority participation).
  • Improving transparency over the own risk situation and an open communication with the house banks (e.g. expansion of controlling and risk management systems, development of a communication strategy with the house banks).
  • Value-based strategic management with the aim of increasing corporate value (e.g. by improving the strategic alignment or the optimization of operative value drivers such as improved customer benefit, target group oriented sales and efficient corporate processes).

 Our Services:

  • Support in the definition of aims that should be achieved through the rating
  • Comprehensive analysis of the whole company
  • Proposals regarding the optimization of the rating ("balance sheet management", structuring of assets and liabilities under rating aspects)
  • Optimal preparation for a rating on the basis of extensive information about the rating systematics of the selected external rating agencies or banks
  • Support in the implementation of measures to stabilize or improve the rating result
  • Participation in talks with banks, credit insurers and rating agencies
  • Focussed optimization with regard to rating criteria
  • Specific improvement of identified weaknesses