Company Sale

For entrepreneurs the sale of a company is frequently an extraordinary event and as a rule also a unique and irrevocable decision. Mistakes made within the framework of the transaction process are mostly very expensive, so that the possibility to learn from mistakes is hardly ever given.

Nevertheless, purchase decisions are wrongly implemented over and over again, or they do not lead to the target envisaged. The objectives involved in a company sale are different and may be summarized essentially in three categories:

  • Ensuring the company's continuity
  • Strategic alignment
  • Maximization of the sales price

We are experts and were involved in more than 450 company transactions implemented. It is our task to ensure that the seller's targets are met.


For more than 30 years we have advised on the sale of companies or business shares. In particular, we take on the following tasks:


  • Company analysis and determination of value-creating factors
  • Development of a realistic purchase price range
  • Project management
  • Preparation of a company documentation / information memerandum

Selection of Potential Buyers

  • Identification of appropriate potential domestic and international partners in line with the targets
  • Assessment of the individual purchase interest and the synergy potential
  • Evaluation of potential partners (selection and priorities)

Approach and Indicative Offers

  • Approaching potential purchasers (anonymous short profile)
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Handover of company documentation
  • Requesting indicative offers
  • Evaluation and comparison of indicative offers


  • Definition of a negotiation strategy
  • Comprehensive support with talks and negotiations
  • Coordination of all parties involved in the negotiation process
  • Support during the set-up of an (electronic) data room as well as consulting in the negotiations and audit procedures
  • Structuring the transaction (in terms of financial, legal and tax aspects)
  • Signing a letter of intent

Finalising of a Contract

  • Conduct of negotiations until the transaction is completed
  • Support in the accomplishment of optimal contractual conditions
  • Ensuring a prompt and efficient transaction procedure

Critical Success Factors

Important factors for a successful disposal process are inter alia:

  • Comprehensive preparation
  • Professional preparation and presentation of information
  • Selection of appropriate domestic and international potential buyers
  • Targeted approach of potential buyers
  • Convincing description of the company and its future potential
  • Development of an optimal negotiation strategy
  • Structuring of the transaction from financial, legal and tax viewpoints
  • Ensuring of a prompt and confidential transaction course