Acquisition of a Company

Company takeovers play an increasingly important role during the development of companies of any size. Saturated markets, the battle for market shares, exploited rationalization potential or the prospect of an increase of the company value motivate many firms to proceed in this direction. The following strategic objectives frequently trigger for the acquisition of a company:

  • Realisation of synergies and scale effects (market synergies to strengthen the market position, performance synergies through advantages in the value added chain, financial synergies through favourite financing conditions, cost degression through economies of scale)
  • Exploration of new markets/regions
  • Strategic changes in the core business
  • Increase of company value


In detail we provide support in the following areas:


  • Elaboration and definition of acquisition criteria
  • Drafting of a project plan


Selecting and Approaching

  • Use of comprehensive information sources to identify suitable acquisition targets
  • Assessment of targets and development of a priority list
  • Confidential approaching of potential target companies and evaluation of their owner’s willingness to sell
  • Initiation of first talks



  • Development and implementation of an appropriate negotiation strategy
  • Support and accompaniment of the negotiations
  • Coordination of all parties involved
  • Structuring of a transaction (financial, tax and legal aspects)
  • Signing a letter of intent


Finalising of a Contract

  • Conduct of negotiations until the transaction is completed
  • Support in the accomplishment of optimal contractual conditions
  • Ensuring a prompt and efficient transaction procedure



  • A successfully completed acquisition process is no warranty for the realization of the expectations related to the outcome of the acquisition.
  • Besides short-term realization of synergies, particularly the longterm increase of the company value is a central objective of the integration.
  • Within the framework of preparation and implementation of these tasks, we offer individual counselling with interdisciplinary teams. Together with our clients we jointly develop integration concepts and equally accompany the implementation phase.


Critical Success Factors

  • Comprehensive definition of acquisition criteria
  • Selection of appropriate target companies
  • Confidential approach to the shareholders of selected target companies
  • Analysis and assessment of the target company
  • Realization of a comprehensive due diligence
  • Development of an individual negotiation strategy
  • Structuring the transaction with a view to economic, tax and legal aspects together with professional consultants
  • Ensuring a prompt and confidential realisation of the transaction
  • Integration of the company purchased