About us

SINCE 1978 ...

... we have been offering qualified business consulting. Our concepts and analysis are more than "ideas on paper" – we effectively focus on the "hands-on consulting". Together with our clients we implement objectives and strategies. Many references by our clients confirm that we meet the given consulting aims with analytic expertise, experience and empathy.


Our Success Factors:

  • Skill
  • Objectivity
  • Confidentiality
  • Solidity
  • Independence


When dealing with our tasks we are more effective, i.e. more economic in problem-solving than internal corporate structures. 


The reasons for this:

  • We cause – as opposed to an internal corporate division – only variable costs which are project-related for a certain time. Internal units cause overhead costs with frequently lower pressure to perform and less specific experience.
  • In comparison to the management we are released from daily tasks and may concentrate on the project.
  • Our availability in time leads to a rapid, concentrated and efficient problem-solving approach.
  • The profound knowledge of the methods is our competitive edge.