Asset Monitoring


Portfolio and Performance Controlling/Portfolio Reporting

  • Portfolio reporting – as a rule quarterly, upon request however, also in shorter intervals. In this segment the market-leading software is used.
  • Content of reporting: Analysis of all individual portfolios as well as the consolidated overall structure, divided into investment classes, regions, currencies etc.
  • Analysis of pre and after tax results of individual asset managers and assessment of the performance of individual administrators.
  • Monitoring of the mandated banks and/or asset managers regarding adherence to investment principles and commission agreements


Overview and control of the costs

  • Management fees
  • transactions costs
  • expenses
  • margins interest on deposit accounts
  • turnover ratio of securities
  • fee in relation to average market and sales volume

Tax Report

  • The annual statement is complemented with a tax report of the portfolio, that consolidates all tax results.
  • The results are checked with the bank's documents; possible deviations are marked.
  • The report serves to inform the client's tax adviser; the tax adviser is responsible for the annual tax declaration.


Controlling Function

  • Analysis and support with the implementation of the information of the portfolio report.
  • Involvement in the regular meetings with asset managers and critical discussion of the results obtained.
  • Regular control of investment criteria and adaptation where necessary.